The Question

The fast-growing e-commerce platform had Fontem Ventures feeling a bit blue: it slowed development - and business - down. They asked us to optimize the AKS Implementation and the development process.

Our Challenge

With the almost continuous arrival of new developers, international regulatory concerns, a business-critical, high-volume platform, and a short timeframe, we had our work cut out for us.

Make it Work, Make it Right, Make it Fast

Make it Work, Make it Right, Make it Fast

With a growing demand for vapor products, the pressure on blu’s platform and its development team increased day by day. While a combination of third party SaaS solutions was sufficient at first, Fontem Ventures now urged for a new custom-built platform on AKS. The perfect time to ramp up development and quality assurance processes too – so that they would not become bottlenecks. Or, better yet: make them the champions of fast delivery and saving costs.

Beyond Blue’s engineers optimized the processes and made the CI/CD pipeline faster and more stable. How? Well, for starters, we split up heavyweight processes into multiple lightweight ones, split up a monorepo into multiple smaller repositories and CI/CD pipelines, and we fixed the pipeline and infrastructure flakiness. Just to give you an idea. Because it’s definitely not all we did – you can add: 

  • Custom-built productivity tools so that managers can work more efficiently.
  • Custom developer tooling that allows developers to work faster and with fewer defects. 
  • Design and implementation of a multi-region production platform for GDPR compliance – migrating with zero downtime.
  • Container image scanning to prevent malware.
  • Runtime environment protection to increase security.
The Embodiment of DevOps

The Embodiment of DevOps

We obviously focused on maximizing development productivity, minimizing defects and downtime, and ensuring legal compliance in multiple jurisdictions.

But, at Beyond Blue, we don’t like hit-and-runs. We made sure that everyone within Fontem – from developer to operator to manager – internalized our knowledge. We mentored teams, helped onboard new joiners, and organized DevOps sessions for knowledge sharing, issue solving, and planning for a smokin’ future.

About Fontem Ventures

Fontem Ventures is a leader in vaping technology and offers vaping products through its brand blu. Fontem Ventures’ transformative purpose is to create something better for the world’s smokers.


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